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The official website for the next generation YouTube client with iSponsorBlock, AdBlocker, Return Dislike and more features! Youtube Vanced is DEAD, but ReVanced is here!



ReVanced MicroG APK v0.2.28.231657 (Official, Latest Version Compiled)

Why is your outdated YouTube video frozen? Official YouTube Vanced was discontinued as a result of legal concerns. And now for the dramatic transformation, YouTube ReVanced, which is now carrying on the Vanced heritage for future generations.

Therefore, you must utilize the YouTube ReVanced app if you want to continue using your advanced features, like Ad-free content, Background Playback, SponsorBlock, and the most well-known and practical function, YouTube Dislike.

The ReVanced MicroG APK is necessary here in order for you to sign in to ReVanced YouTube, Music, with your Gmail account and enjoy features like playlists, subscriptions, watching history, and more just like on the original YouTube.

What is ReVanced MicroG?

ReVanced The MicroG open source project, which functions similarly to the Google Play Service, was created by GitHub members.

You can sing along to your YouTube ReVanced or Music without any hassle if you use this software. Additionally, it enables Android users to use Google Play Services without first downloading the official Google Play Services app. When attempting to sign in with your Google account on Advanced YouTube or Music, you must install this app as well.

MicroG operates by offering a collection of libraries and services that ape Google Play Services' features. Apps then access Google Play Services capabilities like authentication, location, and push notifications via these libraries and services.

Why do I need ReVanced MicroG?

Depending on your needs, you may choose to install ReVanced MicroG as an add-on application.

For example, you need to have a non-rooted device if you want to use your Google account to sign in to the ReVanced YouTube of Music apps. ReVanced MicroG can be installed on your non-rooted Android device so that you can enjoy YouTube with all of its capabilities.

You don't need to install ReVanced MicroG APK if you want to install ReVanced on rooted devices.

Key Features of ReVanced MicroG

  • Login With your Google Account: Using this app you can login on YouTube ReVanced and to get access features like subscriptions, playlists, history and more.
  • Anti-Ban: As you know the Google play service always want to know your activity to show you ads on your requirement. Even Google new Android version don’t allow third-party app and in this why a third-party app can be suspended by the Google security system. But don’t worry this app is fully anti-ban safe to use.
  • Easy to use: In this app you don’t need to setup others stuff. Just need to install.
  • Safe Installation: Lots of peoples think to install a third-party app is risky and unsafe and I agree too. But You can trust our app which is fully safe and no ads version.
  • No Need to Root: Actually ReVanced MicroG App is only for non-rooted devices only. So You have to install this app if you are using ReVanced or Vanced app on your Android device.
  • Latest Updated: From here you can download the latest version ReVanced MicroG APK for free.
  • Anti-Crash: Provided app is fully tested on different Android devices and version. So don’t worry about it, well if still this app don’t run on your device then you can can install try older version for that.
  • Malware Free: Many immoral developers re-edit the app and added many annoying ads and malware which definitely don’t like many users.
  • No Ads: Well, as I have said our provided App don’t have any annoying ads. So you can enjoy the app without any ads.
  • Easy Interface: There are nothing you have to do just install it to bypass the Google Play Service.

YouTube ReVanced MicroG APK Info

App Name: ReVanced MicroG

App Size: 12 MB

MicroG Version:

Revanced Developer: YouTube ReVanced Project

Supported Android Version: Android 8+

Last Updated: August 10th, 2023

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