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ReVanced Manager APK v1.3.4 (Official) Download

When will the official version of Vanced Manager stop being offered with its features? a result of Google's DMCA policy. You may also be unable to use certain functionalities. However, there's no need to fear because the newest version, ReVanced Manager, is here to preserve the legacy that millions of users liked about Vanced. Not at all.

The new ReVanced Manager app has more functionality than the Vanved Manager app, including the ability to add or change apps like Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and YouTube Music. You can alter those programs to your liking using the ReVanced Manager app.

As you are aware, Google's app platform is subject to the same laws as other internet platforms regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The DMCA's rules apply to Google Play Store because it is the company's app platform, and the law requires it to respond to valid takedown notices.

And as you may know, our beloved Vanced app gave the YouTube app premium capabilities, which is why Vanced app is against Google policy. and the reasons behind Vanced's closure. So let's look at our new ReVanced Manager app and see whether it can replace our Vanced App as the best option.

What Does Revanced Manager Do?

ReVanced Manager, in summary, is not like our previous Vanved Manager app; it is a more comprehensive tool. It functions more like a patcher than anything else, allowing you to change or customize apps like Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, YouTube Music, TikTok, Twitch, and more.

This software can patch various apps, including those that are in their original form, thus you can use it as a patcher tool. The ReVanced Manager app can be used to fix your damaged app but there are several tools and software applications that can be used to repair broken apps.

How To Install Revanced Manager APK

The ReVanced Manager is very simple to install.

Although it can be challenging to install the rooted version. However, a lot of users don't know how to set up the non-rooted version of ReVanced Manager.

If you fall into this category, just follow the simple instructions below to set up ReVanced Manager.

Note that you must download and install both the Revanced and the Vanced APKs using the Revanced manager.

  • Step1: Go to the device file manager and open the ReVanced Manager and click install.
  • Step2: Then go to the device setting find unknown resources and allow that.
  • Step3: Back to the installation process and let it continue till it’s going to install on the device.
  • Step4: Now here you are able to run the ReVanced Manager to your device.

If your device is rooted

After finishing the steps indicated in the procedure for non-rooted devices, an additional step of granting root access to the manager software must be carried out in this process.

Well, you can avoid installing the MircoG App on your device if it is rooted.

Download Revanced Manager for Android

You can skip downloading and installing this advanced app if you lack the necessary patch features. You only need to download the most recent ReVanced APK version and install the app as usual to start enjoying ReVanced YouTube and music. This eliminates the requirement for the ReVanced Manager app.

But bear in mind that installing the ReVanced MicroG app is necessary to prevent errors and app crushing. You can learn all about the ReVanced Manager software in this page, along with a detailed description of its features and an instruction manual.

However, if you require any assistance or have any thoughts regarding this app, please get in touch with us or leave a comment below.

Key ReVanced Manager Features

Dark Mode: Welcome to dark mode, swipe to on.

API URL: You can configure your custom url.

Experimental universal patches support: Display all application to use with universal patches, loading list of apps may be slower.

Experimental patches support: Enable usage of unsupported patches in any app version.

Delete keystore: You can delete the keystore used to sing the files.

Delete temporary files: Delete unused temporary files as you wish.

Delete logs: Delete collected manager logs.

Export patches selection: Export patches selection to a JSON file.

Import patches selection: Import patches selection to a JSON file.

Reset patches: Reset the stored patches selection.

You can use ReVanced Manager as your Android patch tool because it enables you to patch numerous apps at once. It's vital to remember that it's normally safe and advised to patch original apps obtained from the official source, such as the app store. On the other hand, downloading patches or updates from unreliable websites like third-party ones can damage your device and expose security flaws. You can use any program with your own customized patch and add functionality as you see fit.

As you are aware, we brand each free and paid app with its respective logo. Like YouTube, the YouTube Music app displays its logo to inform users of its existence. We can track which version users are actually using, however if you want to change the logo branding and upgrade to premium status, you can utilize the ReVanced Manager tool, which gives you the option to do so. Isn't it awesome? Yes, ReVanced Manager will make your apps look stylish in that manner.

Because there are no adverts in this software, you can get those functions for free in the meantime. The app is available for free download and is cost-free to use for life. There are no intrusive advertisements on your screen that make others dislike you. To avoid malware and intrusive adverts, you should always make sure to download the APK file from a reliable and authentic source, such as ReVancedAPK.Org.

You can get the open source ReVanved Manager app from a variety of sources. And now some dishonest developers are forcing you to grant some unauthorized access to your device, which is a highly unsafe move for your security and privacy. Not at all; they also include a lot of intrusive third-party advertisements.

You must thus obtain the APK file from a reliable source, such as ReVancedAPK.Org, in order to prevent all those bothersome things, since we offer you the APK file that has been loved and tested by millions of people. You may also view the GitHub page for our open source ReVanced project to see who contributed what.

ReVanced Manager APK Info

App Name: ReVanced Manager

App Size: 43 MB

ReVanced Manager Version: v1.3.5

ReVanced Manager Developer: YouTube ReVanced Project

Supported Android Version: Android 8+

Last Updated: AUGUST 10th, 2023

Download ReVanced Manager APK